Monday, January 23, 2017

Technology Review: Google's Advanced Video Search

The Google’s ADVANCED VIDEO SEARCH is a useful and often overlooked resource for locating video materials.
One of many search tools available at the Google website, users have many options for narrowing their results. First, the search tool offers options for word searches. Then, ideas are provided for narrowing results. Users can search by language, video length, posting date, video quality, and whether the video contains subtitles. Searches can also be conducted within a particular domain such as YouTube or National Geographic.
A particularly useful tool is SafeSearch. This option allows users to filter explicit results. Be sure to use the filter when searching for animal videos or you may be in for an unwelcome surprise.
Finally, links are provided to additional search strategies available through Google.
Librarians will find this tool to be a quick way to locate videos for classroom activities. Of particular note is the option to find videos by duration. For those working with children with special needs, be sure to note the choice to search for closed caption resources.
To try a Google Video search, go to