Wednesday, January 28, 2015

App Review: The Echidna and the Dress

THE ECHIDNA AND THE DRESS is a charming, comic-style picture book app exploring Aboriginal life. Set in the Australian Outback, the app tells the true story of the relationship between a boy and his grandmother. A small spiny creature who is able to foretell both good and bad news, the echidna plays a central role to this compelling cultural story. The echidna is a popular creature in Australian appearing on the 5-cent coin and serving as a mascot for the Olympics.
While many apps overwhelm readers with quick-moving animations, loud sounds, and distracting interactives, this delightful e-book tells a sweet story in a pleasant, nurturing way.
The beautifully illustrated e-book app includes just enough animation to make the story come alive for readers. The simple background music and sound effects contribute to the appeal. The voices perfectly match the needs of the story.
While this linear e-book app doesn’t include extras or activities, it’s a great example of the beauty found in a simple story. Perfect for cultural studies in the primary grades, the app would be an excellent addition to a school library’s collection. It could easily be shared with a class using a whiteboard.
Other digital story apps including Ngurrara and Warlu Song are also available as part of the Yijala Yala Project created by Big hART in Australia. This cultural project is intended to connect people across generations.