Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Review: Green Bean! Green Bean!

GREEN BEAN! GREEN BEAN! by Patricia Thomas tells the story of a young girl who grows green beans in her garden.
This informative story takes readers through the steps in planting and caring for bean plants. Readers follow the child and her dog through the growing season and into the winter.
Although the illustrations are basic, they effectively convey the story. Cross-sections show what’s happening under the ground.
The book concludes with information about the life cycle of plants, growing beans, and the growing season. It also contains vocabulary, suggested activities, and additional resources.
Librarians will find this book to be popular with primary grade students who are learning about and likely planting bean seeds in their classrooms. Both the story and the science are easy to follow. Use this book in a display focusing on the science of gardening.
Published by Dawn Publications on March 1, 2016. ARC courtesy of the publisher.