Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Review: Watch Out for Flying Kids

WATCH OUT FOR FLYING KIDS by Cynthia Levinson tells the true story of teen circus performers from varied backgrounds who come together to confront issues related to racism, tribalism, and other social obstacles.
Following nine circus performers in two different circuses, this fascinating work of nonfiction describes a unique arts education movement that brings together teens with varied backgrounds. The story is told chronologically over a ten year period ending in 2014.
The many photographs and other illustrations will draw student interest. Sidebars provide background information and insights into the book’s many interesting youth. Engaging section headings within the chapters reflect the thoughts of youth. The book includes a pronunciation guide, prologue, afterword, author’s note, and index in addition to the body of text.
Librarians will find the youth circus theme provides an fascinating context for exploration of social issues. Consider using this book as a focus point for a discussion of diversity. Combine this book along with others focusing on social issues as part of a nonfiction literature circle. Use maps along with other nonfiction books to help students understand issues related to racism and tribalism.
Published by Peachtree Publishers on September 1, 2015. Review copy courtesy of the publisher.