Sunday, August 16, 2015

App Review: Space Station Research Explorer

The SPACE STATION RESEARCH EXPLORER app from NASA involves youth in exploring the array of scientific experiments being conducted on the International Space Station.
Designed for young adults and adults, the app discusses the results and benefits of research in microgravity. Focusing on recently completed and ongoing experiments, this engaging resource includes in-depth descriptions, photos, video, and interactive media to bring the science alive for users.
The app is divided into five sections:
The Experiments area includes the topics of biology and biotechnology, human research, earth and space science, physical science, educational activities and outreach, and technology development and demonstration. Within each major category, users can choose a subcategory. Users can filter their search for experiments by choosing a particular expedition or sponsor. A detailed technical report along with images are provided for each experiment.
The Facilities section shows a 360 view of the interior of the three station modules. Users can tap on racks to see descriptions of the items stored there.
The Benefits resources include the areas of human health, earth benefits, and global education. Each topic explains a specific example of how the experiments are positively impacting the world.
The Media materials provides podcasts, games, and videos to explore.
The Links area includes space station-related websites and links to useful resources.
Librarians will find this to be a useful resource for science classes. The app would be a great jumping off spot for student reports and investigations. The technical reports would also be an useful resource for informational reading in the sciences.