Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Website: Achieving the Dream

ACHIEVING THE DREAM is a project that shares open access college course materials.
Nearly a dozen colleges are sharing their course materials in disciplines such as business, music, philosophy, and sociology. Most of the resources are organized as e-textbooks with online modules. Many of these educational materials include embedded discussion questions and other instructional materials in addition to the content.
Librarians will find a wealth of instructional materials useful across the curriculum. Many of the materials could be incorporated into AP classes.

Website: The Great American Read

THE GREAT AMERICAN READ is a reading and video project from PBS.
This eight-part video series explores reading through America’s 100 best-loved novels. In addition to the videos, the website includes information about each book, details about the episodes, additional resources, blog postings, and stories submitted by readers.
Librarians will find the project to be a fun way to explore popular books with teens. Collaborate with the English department to build a unit revolving around the books, videos, and resources. Or, create your own library-based program to celebrate the books.