Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: The Secret Mission of William Tuck

THE SECRET MISSION OF WILLIAM TUCK by Eric Pierpoint is an action-packed historical fiction novel aimed at the middle grades.
Set during the American Revolution in 1781, twelve-year-old William Tuck volunteers as a drummer boy. However, a chance encounter with a dying soldier plunges him into the world of couriers and spies. Along with a teenaged girl named Rebecca, they travel hundreds of miles to deliver a secret message that could turn the tide of the war.
Filled with familiar historical figures, battles, and locations, this engaging story focuses on the brutality of war and the courage of one young boy. Although the main characters are fictional, the author does an amazing job weaving in historical facts and immersing readers into the time period.
Librarians will be impressed by how the book deals with issues related to slavery, spies, prison ships, and the medical aspects of war in addition to the classic battle scenes. Use this book as an opportunity to share nonfiction works related to the Revolutionary War. This title would also be an excellent addition to a literature circle focusing on historical fiction of the American Revolution.
While many of the popular works about the American Revolution are aimed at the young adult reader, this book is perfect for middle grade readers who are just beginning to learn about this important period in American history. Use it as an entry to the wealth of books designed for older readers.
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Published by Sourcebook Jabberwocky on September 1, 2015.