Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Website Review: Science Bob

SCIENCE BOB is an newly revised website providing excellent science information, videos, and activities.
The Experiments section contains nearly 40 science experiments with simple instructions. Each page contains a list of materials, directions, and a description of the science behind the experiment. Additional images and videos are provided depending on the experiment. Users can also download and print a PDF version.
The Science Q&A area contains answers to over a dozen common science questions and the opportunity to send in a question. Links are also provided to help with answering science questions. These FAQs would be great on the science bulletin board in the library.
The Science Fair Ideas page discusses the difference between a demonstration and an experiment. It then provides science fair project ideas, a discussion of the scientific method, science fair resources, and some useful advice.
The Research Help area contains links to science websites in the areas of space/planets, earth science/weather, animals/nature, physical science, human body, and other links.
The Video section accesses Bob’s YouTube channel with dozens of fascinating videos.
The Experiment blog keeps users up-to-date on the latest website additions including videos, experiments, and other information.
Use the Science Bob website as the kickoff for a library science club or science fair promotion. Science Bob (Bob Pflugfelder) is also the author of the Nick and Tesla science mystery book series. Connect these books to a science display.
To extend the experience, users can follow Science Book on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
For lots of science resources, go to the Science Bob Store.
To learn more, go to http://sciencebob.com/.