Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Web Review: Google's April Fool's Day Jokes

Each year Google introduces a unique April Fool’s Day joke. Go to Google at to join in the fun. Can you find the joke?

Need a hint? 
Go to 
Go to and click the PacMan icon.
Go to

Let’s explore some Google jokes from past years. These are a great way to introduce youth to the hazards (and also fun) of fake websites.
Youth need to distinguish fact from fiction from fake. Unfortunately, most students aren't very concerned about accuracy, they're simply seeking an answer to a question or a funny photo to share on Instagram. Get them interested in asking themselves about accuracy. Student should ask themselves:
What questions do I have about the content?
How would I find out if it's real or fake?
For more fun, go to Wikipedia’s list of Google Hoaxes and Easter Eggs at