Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Technology Review: Journey into the Arctic

JOURNEY INTO THE ARCTIC is an exciting interactive video experience for all ages.
Users watch a series of short videos and make choices along the way. Each choice presents success or failure to the expedition. Designed as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary, this interactive journey helps youth better understand the plight of early explorers. Bonus videos provide additional background information about a wide range of topics.
There are two ways for users to participate. First, students can use a web-based version that presents text on a web page along with the videos. Second, students can go directly to the videos.
Librarians will find this beautifully produced video experience to be an effective way to explore the history of arctic exploration. User the interactive tool to jumpstart an inquiry-based learning experience. Ask students to learn more about some aspect of the exploration.
To visit the website, go to
To explore the web-based experience, go to
To go directly to the videos, go to