Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review: Ashfall Trilogy

Let’s revisit the ASHFALL trilogy by Mike Mullin. After the final book in a series is published and the first wave of readers are done, it’s time to think about ways to market these books to new audiences.
This engaging trilogy is one of the more realistic post-apocalyptic series available. The books follow fifteen-year old Alex Halprin as he struggles to survive after a natural disaster involving the Yellowstone supervolcano.

SUNRISE follows Alex’s struggle to stay alive on the road as he tries to find his family. As he walks from Iowa to Illinois, Alex meets traveling companion Darla.

In ASHEN WINTER, Alex must retrace his journey back to Iowa to locate his parents. Once again, Darla plays a central role in helping Alex cross a landscape that is becoming increasingly dangerous.
Set a year after the volcanic eruption, SUNRISE follows the struggle of Alex and Darla to establish a working community in a post-apocalyptic world. Much of the book deals with the practical aspects of starting a new life in a hostile environment including dealing with cannibals and mobs, creating a stable form of government, and building a sustainable food source. Always on the edge of catastrophe, the community’s approach to building greenhouses, acquiring supplies, and defending themselves keeps the story exciting from beginning to end.

Also, check out DARLA’S STORY by Mike Mullin. This novelette has been referred to as the ASHFALL the prequel or Book .05. Set prior to Alex and Darla’s meeting, it tells Dara’s back story.

Mullin’s compelling narratives challenge readers to think about the day-to-day challenges of both short and long-term survival. Unlike many YA dystopian works that rely on games, aliens, or supernatural elements to engage readers, Mullin’s gritty text reads more like realistic fiction. Our beloved characters face the stark reality of their post-apocalyptic world with bravery, love, and hope.
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