Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Website Review: Data USA

DATA USA provides easy-to-access visualizations of critical issues facing the United States.
Describing itself as “the most comprehensive visualization of U.S. public data”, the website is a collaboration between corporations and MIT. The easy-to-use website puts public US Government data in the hands of citizens.
In the Profiles section, users can conduct a general search or narrow their focus by location, industry, occupation, or education. Within each of these four profile areas, users can focus in on specific aspects by scrolling down the page and viewing an engaging infographic.
The Stories section provides fascinating insights into the data in particular areas such as men and industry or obesity and diabetes. These short articles are written by experts and demonstrate the importance of data across disciplines.
The Map area allows users to zoom in on particular areas of the United States to explore the data.
The Data component details the data sources used in building the website.
Use the Glossary page in the About section to introduce youth to key terms related to data analysis.
Librarians will find this tool to be an excellent way to address data literacy topics. Youth can use the website to access information, conduct their own analysis, and create their own stories about America’s people, places, industries, and educational institutions. From basic comparisons of two places to complex analysis of issues such as rural vs urban locations, the website is a great way for youth to explore data and visualizations.
In addition to containing useful information, students will find the website to be visually stunning.
To visit the website, go to http://datausa.io/.