Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Review: Watch the Sky

WATCH THE SKY by Kirsten Hubbard explores the unsettling story of Jory, whose stepfather is preparing for the end of the world.
Throughout the book, Hubbard keeps readers wondering about the origin of Jory’s odd new sister and the mental state of both his parents. Will the story stick with the gritty realistic fiction tone or switch to an near-apocalyptic alien theme? The suspense holds to the very end of the book.
Readers will share Jory’s frustration with the family’s secrets and distrust of outsiders. Librarians will have a hard time categorizing this unusual novel. It’s likely to be most popular among youth who enjoy school and friendship stories with family conflicts related to mental illness. Those seeking an adventure story with a survivalist theme will be disappointed.
Published by Disney/Hyperion on April 7, 2015.