Monday, August 24, 2015

Website Review: Will Hobbs

WILL HOBBS is an award-winning author of picture books and young adult novels with a rich website for young fans. Hobbs writes outdoor adventures about places in the wild. With more than twenty books published, reader fans will enjoy learning more at his author website.
The website includes a biography in the Meet Will Hobbs section. There are lots of photos embedded throughout the site. Use the website to learn about his growing up, his family, and his writing. In the Will’s Books section of the website, users can click on a book cover and read an interview about each title. The author tells where he got his ideas and shows photos of his own adventures. There is a story summary plus information about awards and audiobooks for each title.
Don’t miss the Favorite Questions section and learn more about Will’s life, family and his writing. Most of the content is aimed to his young adult readers, but there is also a section for teachers and librarians. Here he suggests some curriculum resource materials and provides contact information about having him come to speak.
Will Hobbs is a favorite of many teen readers. Librarians can use this site to promote his books and extend student’s experience with his work.