Friday, March 06, 2015

Website Review: Students Abroad

Whether heading out on Spring Break or prepping for a foreign exchange program, teens need to learn to be wise travelers. The STUDENTS ABROAD website from the U.S. Department of State provides essential information for smart travelers.
This comprehensive tool helps youth and their parents plan for both short and long trips abroad. The site is divided into useful sections.
The Travel Docs area of the website reviews important documents necessary for travel outside the United States.
The Health section explores information about specific countries as well as general tips about a healthy trip.
The Emergencies section features guidelines for a wide range of problems from health and crime concerns to evacuations and natural disaster preparation.
THE STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) is a free service that connects travelers with the U.S. Embassy near their travel location. There’s also an Embassies section of the website where users can easily locate embassies around the world.
The Smart Travel section provides ideas to make travel a snap. From reviewing local laws to packing bags, it’s full of useful tips.
Because so many students travel on Spring Break, an entire section is dedicated to planning for this type of travel.
The “To Go” section provides access to travel guides and useful, printable travel tools.
Finally, the website highlights travel warnings and alerts related to short and long-term events that may impact travel abroad.
The Student Abroad website provides a wealth of materials that can be use by librarians on bulletin boards and other types of library displays. Create a display featuring travel books along with key documents from the website.
You’ll find the STUDENTS ABROAD website at