Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book Review: I Crawl Through It

I CRAWL THROUGH IT by A. S. King an unusual, absorbing work of surrealistic fiction for young adults.
This ground-breaking YA novel follows four teens as they near their breaking points. Suffering from varied psychological pressures, they each battle with how to cope with reality. Readers will become immersed in their worlds and their struggles with personal trauma and tragedy.
Librarians will find a narrow audience for this thought-provoking work of young adult contemporary fiction. Some fans of realistic fiction may find it bizarre, while others will be attracted to the underlying themes of anxiety, survival, and grief. Reader of fantasy may enjoy the surreal aspects of the novel, while others may just find it strange. Fans of A.S. King and those who enjoy imagery and thought-provoking prose are likely to enjoy it. Suggest this novel to young adults who are ready to dive into the human psyche and explore the nature of reality.
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Published by Little, Brown, an imprint of Hachette on September 22, 2015. ARC e-galley.