Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dana Fisher - Wed. Oct. 12 to Fri. Oct. 14, 2011

Dana Fisher, an IUPUI SLIS graduate, now lives and works in North Carolina. This year, she moved from a media specialist position at a middle school library to become the libary media specialist at Florence Elementary School in High Point, NC (Both the schools are in the same district). Prior to moving to NC, Dana held a similar position at Tuttle Middle School in Crafordsville, IN.

Dana's unique perspectives include experiences with service learning, problem-based learning, collaborations with teachers, reading promotion activities, and maintaining her personal blogsite: The Quilted Librarian.

It is great to have the participation of a former student who is now working in the school library field. Learn more about Dana:

I'm asking Dana the same 'kickoff' question posed to all our blog guests: "What is it that people don't get about your job?"

Monday, October 10, 2011

Robin Tanis - Tues. Oct. 11 to Thurs. Oct. 13, 2011

Robin Tanis is the Head Librarian at St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta, GA. At St. Pius, Robin has worked to establish a collaborative partnership with teachers. She was an early pioneer in technology integration bringing computers, automation, and the Internet into the library and then the rest of the school. Robin was the original Webmaster for the school and is still responsible for keeping the Flannery O’Connor Library Website up to date. A new change that she instituted this year is a fan page for the library on Facebook.

Encouraging pleasure reading is a professional interest of Robin’s. Robin is also known for ASPIRE! - - a Summer Reading Enrichment program. She has presented her program at state and national conferences. ASPIRE! was featured in both Knowledge Quest (Sep/Oct 2003, Access to PDF document requires login) and School Library Journal (Jan. 2004). She has established a Teen Library Council to give interested students leadership opportunities. She also moderates the Anime Club.

Asking Robin to respond to the same 'kickoff' question: "What is it that people don't get about your job?"

Learn more about Robin at

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Maria Savoldi - Mon. Oct. 10 to Wed. Oct. 12, 2011

Maria Savoldi has experience as a classroom teacher, a school library media specialist, and as a county director of instructional media and technology - - much of that as employee of the Glynn County School System, Brunswick, GA. She has also designed and delivered professional learning courses (staff development, teacher training) that foster effective technology integration.

Like most of our guest experts working in the field, Maria often delivers presentations and workshops at state and national conferences and has served in various governance roles in professional organizations.

In 2006 Maria made a career jump to begin working full-time in distance learning / online education. In that arena, she was first employed by the Georgia Virtual School and during the last few years, works for the Mercury Online Academy. Maria now lives in Florida and at Mercury, she is the Manager of Online Instructional Services.

I've also asked Maria to first respond to the 'kickoff question': "What is it that people don't get about your Job?"

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Cindy Newton - Wed. Oct. 5 to Fri. Oct 7, 2010

Cindy Newton is the school library media specialist (SLMS) at Connersville Middle School (IN). Her background and expertise contains numerous positive teaching and learning experiences including work as an elementary teacher, followed by expanded technology responsibilities in the same school, and currently directing a successful library media program.

As  a school library media specialist, Cindy collaborates with teachers and assists student research projects. She has initiated and guided several different reading promotions and programs. She also serves as the web master for both the Library Media Center and the Connersville Middle School websites.

Cindy is a frequent presenter at professional conferences such as ILF, ISRA, and ICE. She has been selected as the Fayette County School Corporation'sTeacher of the Year and was named as an IU Armstrong Educator. Recently she was selected to attend a Library of Congress Summer Institute.

I've asked Cindy this year's 'startup' question: "What is it that people don't get about your job?"

Monday, October 03, 2011

Lori Clark-Erickson - Tues. Oct. 4 to Thurs. Oct 6, 2010

Next up on this semester's roster of guests is Lori Clark-Erickson, a teacher librarian at Jackson Hole High School in Wyoming - that's next to Grand Teton National Park, near Yellowstone N.P., and the headwaters of the Snake River.

Lori's library career path included a stint working at the public library and time at a school library paraprofessional position. She returned to school, completed a school library media degree, and a position opened up at the district's high school.

Lori is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher librarian, who enjoys collaborating with teachers, integrating technologies into classroom learning, and teaching information literacy to students.

Learn more about Lori's professional background and interests at her bio information page:

As with all our guests this year, I have asked her the startup question: "What is it that people don't get about your job?"

Laura Frondorf - Mon. Oct. 3 to Wed. Oct 5, 2010

A few years back, Laura Frondorf made the career jump from classroom teaching to the library media center. Laura had formerly worked as the grade 6-8 learning disabilities teacher at Brookville Middle School in Franklin County. Today Laura is the LMS at Brookville Middle School (Gr 5 - 8) and Mt. Carmel School (K-8).

Before completing her SLIS degree at IUPUI, Laura holds a degree in special education and a Masters degree in reading. With her strong background in reading and teaching, it's natural that she has plans and orchestrates reading events and promotions at her schools; i.e., book fairs, a book swap, summer reading programs, and author visits. Learn more at

I'm asking the same 'startup' question of Laura: "What is it that people don't get about your job?" It is okay to add your own inquiry comments at any time during the three day period.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dennis LeLoup - Wed. Sept. 28 to Fri. Sept. 30, 2011

Kicking off the Fall 2011 series of blog guests is Dennis LeLoup, a school librarian in the Avon Community School Corporation.

Dennis has a wealth of experiences within the state and at national levels with his leadership roles in ALA, AASL, ALSC, and AIME / ILF.

Learn more by visiting the information webpage at

To get started this year, I have emailed Dennis a brief question: "What is it that people don't get about your job?" Wait for his response and then join in with your own questions or extended ideas.

Have a great three days sharing information and ideas with Dennis LeLoup.