Wednesday, January 14, 2015

App Review: Chicktionary

CHICKTIONARY: A GAME OF SCRAMBLED WORDS is a fun spelling and vocabulary-building word game app. Students create as many words as possible out of seven letters. The game was been around awhile, but the 2014 version has many more levels and options such as timed and untimed modes.
While this free app is geared to elementary students, it’s fun for all ages. Although in-app purchases are an option, they aren’t necessary to play the game. Although the sound can be annoying, it’s easy to just turn it off.
Special chickens, golden eggs, and other surprises make the game fun as children continue to play over time. Bonus letter hints are available so players won’t get frustrated. Another way to avoid frustration is for children to work in pairs or teams.
Ads are displayed between games, but these can be removed by contacting the company about an education edition.