Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Website: iDigBio

IDIGBIO is an educational website providing digitized information about natural history collections.
The project contains three sections.
The Researchers section features a specimen portal. Users can access digital objects by scientific name, a publisher’s list, or an advanced search that includes access to text search and map tools. A tutorial provides assistance. In addition, the website contains research ideas, tools, and links to scientific publications.
The Collections Staff section provides access to technical information, working groups, workshops, and information about projects and digitization.
The Teachers and Students section includes learning resources for the K-12 and college level. A citizen scientist section provides ideas for connecting to the local community. The K-12 resources contain lesson plans, tutorials, video, apps, and website.
Librarians will find this amazing digitization project useful across the science curriculum. Also, use the website to jumpstart discussions about the importance of digitization in the sciences.
To visit the website, go to