Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Review: Story Thieves

STORY THIEVES by James Riley is an action-packed fantasy that blurs the line between real life and fictional worlds.
What if you could literally dive into a good book? Bethany can. As the child of a real mother and fictional father, she’s able to disappear into any paper book. Bethany has spent years carefully exploring library books for her lost father. When Owen discovers her secret, they begin an adventure that breaks the “fourth wall” mixing the real world with fantasy universes.
This clever new fantasy series will be a hit with a wide range of book lovers including those who enjoy fairy tales, magic stories, and science fiction. With many references to popular works of fiction, youth will be drawn into the premise and easily imagine themselves in the shoes of the main characters.
Known for his fractured fairy tales, James Riley provides just the right balance of action and suspense to keep readers engaged in the story. He skillfully weaves together silly subplots, humorous dialogue, and witty references into a storyline perfect for middle grade readers. Youth will easily empathize with the well-developed characters who have dreams and desires that sometimes get in the way of making good choices.
Fans of books like Fablehaven and Inkheart will enjoy the book’s premise, while science fiction and steampunk fans will love the characters from Owen’s favorite fictional series.
Like Bethany and Owen, your children will want to dive into this exciting fantasy adventure.
Edelweiss ARC used for review