Tuesday, December 22, 2015

App Review: Health IQ

HEALTH IQ from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is an engaging health trivia game.
A scientist emcee introduces a series of quizzes that contain ten questions each. The mini-games incorporate trivia questions and word scrambles. Users choose from three levels of difficulty or a random selection of questions. After answering each timed question, the scientist emcee provides readers with information about the topic and a link to additional information. Topics range from teen driver safety to the importance of sun screen. Photographs are woven into the quizzes to add interest.
Achievement badges are recorded for players who create a free account. Settings allow users to turn off the music, sound effects, and vibrations.
Librarians will find this game to be a fun way to generate interest in health topics. Consider playing the app on a tablet in a display featuring books about health and fitness. The app would also be a fun way to provide background information for youth choosing a research topic. Use the website connections for informational reading activities.
Available as both an Apple and Android App.