Thursday, September 17, 2015

Technology Review: Mathigon

The MATHIGON website and ebook app is intended to bring mathematics alive for youth.
The Library contains an amazing open and interactive eBook that is available online and as a mobile app. It presents mathematical ideas using animations, slideshows, games, and computations. This colorful, highly illustrated eBook will bring mathematics alive for readers. Links on the website’s entry page image go directly to sections of the eBook for topics such as Dimensions and Distortions, Graph Theory, and Fractals.
The Teachers area includes engaging math activities including a mathematical treasure hunt for the primary or secondary grades. The lessons and activities are available as downloadable PDF files. Some areas of the website are still in development.
The Developers area provide open source JavaScript libraries that power the Mathigon website. These resources could be used by high school students to build their own engaging online materials.
To visit the website, go to