Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Book Review: Fright Club

FRIGHT CLUB by Ethan Long is an adorable picture book perfect for the Halloween season.
When Vladimir vampire calls a meeting of the Fright Club, he didn’t expect a cute little bunny to show up. When the club rejects the rabbit, the bunny enlists the help of his friends and a lawyer to convince Fright Club members that they can be scary and have a lot to contribute to their club. Themes related to stereotypes and inclusion make this more than the standard Halloween story.
The spooky illustrations contain just the right balance of humor and horror for young readers. The black text on the dark background can be a little difficult to read. Otherwise librarians will find this picture book popular as a Halloween read-aloud.
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Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books on August 11, 2015. Review copy courtesy of the publisher.