Saturday, June 27, 2015

Website Review: Funbrain

FUNBRAIN is a classic educational website for children containing games along with online books and comics.
For nearly two decades, librarians, teachers, and their students have enjoyed free educational games and online comics from Funbrain. Designed for youth in preschool through grade 8, the website contains over 100 interactive games focusing on math, reading, and literature topics.
Users can create a username and password to keep track of their gaming experiences. However, this isn’t required to use the website.
The Math Arcade provides a wide range of learning games associated with math concepts such as Space Slingshot, Cut It, Blast Off, and Space Fractions. These games aren’t intended for initial instruction, instead they’re a fun way to practice math skills. Beyond the arcade, youth will enjoy math baseball, tic-fac-toe squares, and connect the dots games.
The Reading Arcade provides access to books and comics for youth. Most are displayed in short episodes or chapters. Galactic Hot Dogs is the latest addition to this online collection. Tess’s Tree is a classic favorite. Books designed for younger children feature characters like Brainy Blueberry, Daisy Nuzzlehead, and Captain Buckleswash. Beyond the arcade, youth will enjoy the popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, along with Lost Side of Subarea, and Skullduggery Island. Literacy games include Stay Afloat, The Plural Girls, and Grammar Gorillas.
In addition to learning games, the Playground section includes early learning activities designed for adults and children to experience together. Finally, the All Games area provides a master list of the materials including a list of the most popular games and resources organized by grade level.
Librarians will find this to be a popular website for youth seeking “free time” experiences with both educational and entertainment value. Many youth enjoy an affiliated world building website called Poptropica outside the school setting.
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