Sunday, May 17, 2015

Technology Review: Mindsuckers

MINDSUCKERS by Matthew Twombly presents three incredibly cool graphic novellas from National Geographic.
The website begins with the first story, but an upper-right, sidebar-menu provides access to all three surprising stories.
Users scroll down a series of screens to experience the beautifully illustrated and well-narrated science-rich experiences. In addition to the narration, nature sounds contribute to the experience.
ON SINISTER POND features the amazing life cycle of a flatworm. From a snail spewing flatworm larvae to a parasite-carrying heron, children will enjoy all the gory details of science.
FEARLESS RAT examines a parasite-infected rat caught by an unsuspecting cat. Children will never look at a cat and mouse the same way again.
THE STING OF DOOM tells the story of a cockroach who falls victim to a jewel wasp. Again, children will enjoy the sinister scene.
Librarians will find the three stories an excellent way to draw youth into the science section of the library. Share the stories as a large group, then immerse youth in books about parasites, leeches, bloodsuckers, and other freeloading creatures.
Read a feature article titled “Mindsuckers: Meet Nature’s Nightmare”. In addition to another story, the page also provides access to a photo gallery, video, and the three macabre graphic novellas for youth. Go to…/11/mindsuck…/zimmer-text.
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