Tuesday, March 15, 2016

App Review: WWF Together

WWF TOGETHER is an informational app exploring wildlife and conservation topics and issues of interest to all ages.
From pandas to monarch butterflies, users choose from over a dozen threatened and endangered animals to explore. Each infographic includes text, photographs, diagrams, and other information about the creature.
Users can also explore information through the use of an interactive world map. Clicking on a location pops up an infographic containing information about an animal living in that area.
Because this app is sponsored by an organization that focuses on conservation, a section of the app features ways users take action.
Finally, the news area provides up-to-date information on wildlife and conservation issues.
Librarians will find that this app is a good way to help users learn to navigation and interpret infographics. The short, easy-to-read articles would be useful for informational reading activities. Connect information literacy skills with science learning for an authentic learning experience.