Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Website Review: African Rock Art

AFRICAN ROCK ART from the British Museum explores the 30,000 year history of rock art.
The easy-to-use website is filled with attractive photographs and concise chunks of information. The website begins with an exploration of techniques of production, chronologies, and origins of rock art in Africa.
The “Explore Countries” section provides an introduction to the regions of Africa and the rock art in each area.
The “Explore Themes” section examines representations in rock art including warriors, geometric motifs, cattle brands, animals, hairdressings, chariots, fishing, and writing. Standing stones are also explored.
The “Examine Images” section provides access to a digital collection of rock art images from the British Museum. The multimedia section links to videos that provide a context for many of the rock art sites.
Librarians will find that this website provides a useful introduction to rock art. Work with teachers to incorporate this website into history and art classes. Also, connect this resource with others that explore rock art sites around the world. Consider an inquiry-based learning assignment that connects rock art with a discussion of primary sources and the use of evidence to draw inferences.
To visit the website, go to http://africanrockart.britishmuseum.org/