Saturday, October 10, 2015

Book Review: If You Love Honey

IF YOU LOVE HONEY by Martha Sullivan is an amazing informational science picture exploring connections in nature.
Each page of the story begins with some variation of “if you love…, then you…”. Readers are taken through a series of connected flora and fauna starting with honey and ending with children at a picnic. Supplemental information on each page describes the importance of each aspect of nature including insects, birds, and soils.
In addition to the narrative, readers will enjoy additional information and activities at the end of the book including an I-Spy game; information about pollination and honey; and bee activities.
While many science books for children focus on a single topic or gloss over the big picture, this beautifully illustrated picture book manages to pack in dozens of essential science concepts into an engaging narrative.
Librarians will find lots of connections to the science curriculum. Use this book to kick off an exploration for each of the creatures in the story. Create a display that includes nonfiction books on bees and honey.
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Published by Dawn Publications on September 1, 2015.