Monday, December 07, 2015

App Review: Ripped Apart

RIPPED APART from The National Museum of American History is an engaging Civil War mystery app.
Based on real people and events from history, this app-based simulation game immerses youth in a fascinating photography history collection. Participants take on the role of a Smithsonian intern solving cases. Using historical photographs, users must decipher documents to solve authentic problems. The game examines various perspectives as players learn about the causes and key players in the Civil War. In addition, users can experiment with 19th century photography using their mobile device’s camera.
The project website contains interesting information about the real-world stories that serve as the basis for the engaging simulation.
Designed for young adults, librarians will find this app to be a fun way to explore primary source materials and learn about American history. Collaborate with the history teacher to connect library and history standards related to primary source documents and information inquiry in history.
Teachers may need to provide some guidance in the use of the simulation because no in-app directions are provided.
To learn more about the project and download the app, go to