Friday, June 17, 2016

Website Review: BBC Bitesize

BBC BITESIZE is a website providing small chunks of instruction on key topics across the curriculum.
Although designed for students living in the United Kingdom, the focused, online study guides are useful in the K-12 US curriculum too. The website provides elementary, middle, and secondary content in areas such as art, music, media studies, English, science, technology, social studies, business, history, and many other areas. Users can access content by primary or secondary grades or by subject area.
While some topics include learning guides, others contain short animated clips, video clips, interactive games, quizzes, tutorials, or other instructional content.
While the website can be overwhelming for students, librarians will find a wealth of resources. Work with teachers to connect specific topics to the curriculum and link students directly to the resource such as the tutorial or video clip.
To visit the website, go to