Saturday, May 26, 2018

Book Review: Bird Guide of North America

BIRD GUIDE OF NORTH AMERICA by Jonathan Alderfer is a useful companion to National Geographic’s field guide.
Unlike the field guide, this bird book isn’t simply a listing of birds for use in identification. Instead, it features key birds specific regions and habitats including eastern and western backyard birds, city street and parks, farms and fields, beach and bay, southern swamps and bayou, river and marsh, prairie and plains, deserts, and western mountains. Each chapter explores the habitat, features several birds, and provides mini-profiles of a few more. Chapters also focus on birds in peril and rock star birds. The book also contains a useful map and information about attracting birds such as building a bird feeder.
Librarians will find this book useful for youth doing reports on particular regions or habitats. Younger students will appreciate the focus on just a few birds in each area, while older youth may seek out more comprehensive bird guides for added bird varieties and details. Children who enjoy browsing nonfiction books will appreciate the colorful photographs and other illustrations.
Published on March 1, 2018 by National Geographic Kids. ARC courtesy of the publishers.