Thursday, April 14, 2016

Website Review: Scholastic News - Election 2016

SCHOLASTIC NEWS: ELECTION 2016 provides timely, youth-friendly information and resources about the US presidential election.
The Home page provides links to the project’s key elements.
The Latest News page includes short articles about current events related to the presidential campaign, an interactive timeline of events, and a map showing state elections.
The Kid Reports area features youth reports including questions and answers, behind-the-scenes, and other topics of interest.
The Election Central section provides useful vocabulary associated with the election, a fun infographic showing the election process, and a Meet the Candidates page featuring the candidates.
Librarians will find this to be an age-appropriate way to introduce children to the key concepts associated with the presidential election. The user-friendly format will draw student interest. Use the short articles for informational reading activities.
Use the timeline, map, and infographics to discuss different ways that information can be presented. Invite youth to create their own visuals to share their understandings.
To visit the website, go to