Monday, November 23, 2015

Book Review: Extreme Planet

EXTREME PLANET by National Geographic Kids follows Carsten Peter’s adventures exploring intense environments around the world.
In each exciting chapter, author Carsten Peter explores a different amazing landscape including volcanoes, glaciers and ice sheets, deserts, caves, canyons, and other extreme places. The topics feature maps, diagrams, and full color photographs. In addition to an interesting narrative, each chapter also includes expert tips, notes from the field, necessary gear and gadgets, and sidebars containing related facts.
Activities are woven throughout the book. Youth learn to make a tornado in a bottle, use a topographical map, and grow stalactites. The book also includes a glossary, resources, activity ideas, and an index.
Librarians will find that youth enjoy following an explorer visiting exciting destinations around the work. Connect the book with nonfiction works focusing on the science of each destination such as volcanoes and caves.
Published by National Geographic Kids on October 13, 2015.