Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Review: Lilliput

LILLIPUT by Sam Gayton is a sequel to the classic Gulliver’s Travels fantasy adventure.
Young Lily is kidnapped from the beach near her home by a giant named Gulliver. They return to London where Lily is kept prisoner in a birdcage. Gulliver plans to show the world that his adventures were real and that tiny people actual exist. However with the assistance of a friend, Lily escapes and enlists the cooperation of others to help her return to Lilliput.
Written for the middle grades, children will enjoy this fast-paced story. Even those not familiar with Gulliver’s Travels will easily understand the premise. The beautiful pencil illustrations add to the appeal.
Librarians will find lots of fans among children who enjoy “tiny people” stories.
Published by Peachtree Publishers on September 1, 2015. ARC courtesy of the publisher.

Book Review: Lizard Radio

LIZARD RADIO by Pat Schmatz is a thought-provoking dystopian novel exploring issues of identity, diversity, socialization, and the power of free will.
Set in an alternative universe, foster-child Kavali is sent to an agricultural camp for teens. Encouraged to conform and become part of the cooperative society, Kavali struggles to find her place. Is Kavali a human or lizard, a samer or bender, a he or a she? Her journey of self-discovery will have readers asking questions about the nature of reality and one’s place in the universe.
The fast-paced story and fascinating use of vocabulary will quickly immerse young adult readers in Kavali’s world. By weaving in elements of mysticism and the paranormal, Schmatz keeps readers wondering about the nature of reality in this parallel world.
Librarians tired of the same-old dystopian adventures will find Schmatz’s character-driven story refreshing. The gender-questioning protagonist will appeal to many coming-of-age youth who struggle with issues of identity.
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Published by Candlewick on September 8, 2015.