Wednesday, February 11, 2015

App Review: The Wired Bunch Series

THE WIRED BUNCH from nine22media is a rip-roaring western e-book series infused with interactive technology. Blending the best of old westerns and classic cartoons with engaging robots and fun animation, this series will be a hit with kids.
Six issues of this popular interactive e-book series have been published so far and six more are under development. The first issue is free, while other issues need to be purchased. The app opens to a bookshelf showing the issues currently available.
Set in an alternative Old West setting, each story revolves around robot cowboys. In the first exciting episode, Marshal Ram and his deputies are introduced to readers. These Old West bots must protect their town from O.L. Tycoon and his evil robots. Children can read the story, listen to the story read aloud, or a combination. At any point, readers can go to a particular page, set a bookmark, or edit the story.
The old-time piano music along with the engaging animation immediately immerse children in the world of the wired bunch! Each e-page is visually stunning with crisp bright colors. Basic animation adds to the experience without distracting from the story. The bright yellow font is presented in a size that is easy to read. The audio narration fits perfectly with the western theme. Throughout the story, readers are encouraged to participate by exploring the screen or answering a reflective question. These interactions relate directly to the story so they enhance the reading experience.
Like the Saturday Morning cartoons of the past, some of the technology references and sophisticated humor may be “over the heads” of some children. However, parents, teachers, and librarians will enjoy every play on words making the books a wonderful joint reading experience.
This interactive e-book series would be a wonderful way to engage reluctant readers both inside and outside the classroom. Children will read these engaging stories over and over again.