Thursday, April 16, 2015

Book Review: Before Tomorrowland

BEFORE TOMORROWLAND is a prequel to the upcoming Disney film, Tomorrowland.
Written by Jeff Jensen, Jonathan Case, Brad Bird, and Damon Lindelof, this fast-paced science fiction novel introduces readers to a secret society led by scientific geniuses. Set in 1939, the group is about to reveal an amazing new world. However an evil scientist and a confused robot-human hybrid have other plans. Caught in the middle are a mother and son in New York for a science fiction convention.
Although younger readers may be confused by the wide spectrum of characters and historical references, science fiction fans will easily become immersed in the fantasy. The retro-superhero comic illustrations add to the appeal. The book also includes the 20 page comic featured in the story adding an additional dimension to the experience.
With the popularity of Disney films, this book is likely to be popular. Consider a summer library program based on the Tomorrowland theme. There are lots of social media resources ready to use. Youth who enjoy this aspect of books and movies will love these connections. To get started, go to the Tomorrowland Times website at
For more information about the movie, go to
Published by Disney Press and available April 7, 2015.