Saturday, August 06, 2016

Website Review: VisLit

VISLIT from the Toledo Museum of Art explores visual literacy, visual language, and the “art of seeing art”.
The “Why Visual Literacy” section examines reasons why it’s importance to understand visual language. The page features a video that introduces the concept.
The “Visual Language” section discusses visual communication and provides short videos focusing on creativity, critical thinking, educational achievement, empathy, and technology.
The “Art of Seeing Art” area makes that connection between visual literacy and art. This page takes students through six steps: look, observe, see, describe, analyze, and interpret. Although aimed at the topic of art, these steps can be applied to any visual situation.
Finally, many additional resources are provided including visual literacy curriculum materials for teachers.
Librarians will find this website to be an outstanding resource in teaching key concepts related to visual literacy. Although the project takes an art museum perspective, the resources can easily be adapted to the school library setting.
The “Do you speak visual?” project is a companion website that helps users understand the importance of graphic representations and how to “speak visual”.
To visit the Visual Literacy website, go to
To visit the Do You Speak Visual? website, go to