Saturday, July 11, 2015

Website Review: Mocomi

Mocomi is an educational website providing short, informational interactives and reading experiences.
The term “mocomi” stands for MOtion COMIcs. Originally designed for children in India, the website’s goal is to help educate young people around the world through animation and storytelling. Designed for children 12 and under, the website contains over 1500 modules across content areas. The colorful graphics and animation will appeal to elementary grade learners.
The website is divided into “fun” and “learn” sections.
The “fun” section provides interactives in the areas of arts & crafts, drawing, printables, games, stories, poems & rhymes and kid’s wallpaper.
The “learn” section includes resources related to science, math, geography, history, english, civics, culture, environment, the arts, and general knowledge. Keep in mind that these interactives weren’t designed for US schools, so not interactives apply to American education. The interactives vary in their quality and format. While some are mostly linear, informational reading experiences, others contain interactive aspects. Many take the form of infographics.
Although the website contains lots of advertising, it shouldn’t be too distracting for students.
The MocomiKids YouTube channel contains dozens of high-quality educational videos. Go to
Librarians will enjoy working their way through the interactives matching them to the curriculum.
To go to the website, go to