Saturday, September 24, 2016

Book Review: Who Would Win? series

The WHO WOULD WIN? series by Jerry Pallotta compares and contrasts two creatures.
At just 32 pages, each book in this nonfiction informational book series is designed to immerse children in two fascinating animals. Four new titles include Tarantula vs. Scorpion, Hammerhead vs. Bull Shark, Komodo Dragon vs. King Cobra, and Whale vs. Giant Squid.
Each book envisions what would happen if two creatures met. Comparisons are made of anatomy, behavior, and other characteristics. On the last page, readers are encouraged to complete a checklist and decide who wins.
Filled with fascinating facts along with photos, charts, and other illustrations, these short books will appeal to young readers.
Librarians will find these books popular with teachers building compare and contrast informational reading assignments. The nonfiction works would also be popular for free reading activities.
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Published by Scholastic published in paperback June 28, 2016. ARC courtesy of Scholastic.