Friday, October 27, 2017

Website Review: Youngzine

YOUNGZINE is a website sharing current news and events for school aged children.
This engaging website is organized into six categories including world news, science, technology, our earth, history, and society/art. In addition to text, most articles also contain images and sometimes an embedded video. Feature length articles are updated weekly and news flashes are released several times per week.
Experts are encouraged to submit articles in the area of science, technology, environment, culture/arts, careers, and life skills.
The Unwrite section features art, poetry, reports, and stories submitted by readers. Both children and adults are encouraged to contribute articles providing an opportunity for authentic writing experiences for students.
The Play Zine contains comics, contests, polls, jokes, and fun activities.
Librarians will find this resource provides both excellent content as well as an opportunity to involve students in real-world writing activities. Encourage teachers to set up their own classroom accounts to extend the experience.
To visit the website, go to