Monday, February 17, 2020

Synergy: Learning with Objects

An object is a material thing that can be seen or touched. An artifact is an object made by humans. From an arrowhead to a piece of clothing, objects are useful in the study of history.
THE APARTMENT by Alexandra Litvina chronicles the history of Russia from 1899-2018 through the people and objects in an apartment. Using a scrapbook approach, the author and illustrator follow the Muromtsevs who live in an apartment in Moscow. Readers learn about how the family and Russia as a whole changes from generation to generation through the 20th century. The Bolshevik Revolution, two World Wars, the rise of the USSR, the Cold War, the space race, and the rise of the Russian Federation are seen through the eyes of the Muromtsevs. Filled with engaging illustrations, primary source documents and fascinating artifacts, readers are invited to participate in the story by examining objects in the apartment as they change over time.
TEACHING HISTORY WITH 100 OBJECTS from The British Museum provides 100 objects to inspires students’ interest in history. Users can search for objects by date, place, or theme. Resources are also available by age and curriculum topic. For instance, the collection includes a Jesse Jackson for President badge from 1984. Background information, the larger context of the item, teaching ideas, and classroom materials are available.
Teaching History with 100 Objects
ARC courtesy of Abrams Books for Young Readers.