Sunday, November 16, 2014

App Review: DK Readers

The DK READERS app is aimed at getting children excited about reading. Users can browse through a library of ebooks by reading level. The app is free to download and a few books are free, but over 100 books are available for purchase at $1.99 to $2.99 each.

Designed for children aged 6-8, dozens of leveled books are available on a wide range of topics including the popular Star Wars and LEGO books. Like the print versions of the DK books, the works are identified by one of 5 levels from learning to read to proficient readers. Individual accounts can be set up for different children with specific reading needs. eBooks show up on virtual shelves by reading level.

The eBooks look identical to their print counterparts. Readers swipe to turn the pages forward or backward. One advantage of the DK READERS eBooks for beginning readers is the read-aloud audio option. Users click the words to begin reading. The word being read aloud turns red making it easy for children to follow along. Readers can click pages in the index to access particular pages. Pages can also be accessed through thumbnail images.

Parents often need help selecting books at the right level for their children. This app makes it easy by organizing offerings by reading level. The large catalog of option provides many choices. Finally, the eBooks are much less expensive than paperbacks making it a cost effective choice for parents.

An increasing number of school libraries are offering tablets for student use in the library or classroom. Although each app is stand-alone, the option of organizing books on virtual shelves by level for specific users may be useful for students with special needs or classrooms dividing children into reading groups.

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