Saturday, July 30, 2016

Book Review: We Will Not Be Silent

WE WILL NOT BE SILENT: THE WHITE ROSE STUDENT RESISTANCE MOVEMENT THAT DEFIED ADOLF HITLER by Russell Freedman is the true story of siblings who stand up against the Nazis by distributing resistance leaflets.
This well-researched work of nonfiction tells the story of Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie who join the Hitler Youth, but soon realize they don’t agree with the movement. Along with their friends, they create the White Rose campaign against Hitler and the Nazis. Their underground movement includes distributing leaflets. Using photographs and easy-to-understand prose, these young people fought for their beliefs risking imprisonment and sometimes even execution. The book concludes with useful source notes, credits, and an index.
Designed for ages 10-14, librarians will find that youth will connect with this very accessible story of young people fighting for their beliefs. This little-known story is an excellent way to engage students in a discussion of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.
Look for this title on the “best of nonfiction” lists for 2016.
Published by Clarion on May 2, 2016. ARC courtesy of the publisher.