Thursday, August 11, 2016

App Review: Apprentice Architect

APPRENTICE ARCHITECT is an app the involves youth in exploring a work of architecture and creating their own designs.
Inspired by the designs of Frank Gehry, app users explore the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris and create their own designs.
In the My Sketchbook section, users choose a shape based on familiar objects, then add color, patterns, and backgrounds.
In the Look Around You section, students explore how a building is designed and how it works.
In the Where’s Frank section, users learn about architect Frank Gehry.
In the Does the Work? section, 360 degree photographs are used to help users explore the museum building.
The Take the Controls section, allows users to operate a crane and explore the glass panels of the building.
The My Studio section, provides tools for youth to create their own designs.
Librarians will find this app to be an engaging way to introduce architects and architecture. Add this app to a learning station that includes online resources and books about other famous architects and their works. Incorporate the LEGO Architecture set as a hands-on experience with designing a building.
To download the app, go to