Saturday, October 28, 2017

Book Review: Bowser and Birdie Novels

BOWSER AND BIRDIE novels are a mystery series by Spencer Quinn.
Told from the perspective of a dog living in the swampland of Louisiana with a girl and her family, each title features a mystery that threatens Bowser and Birdie.
WOOF introduces a dog named Bowser and the girl he lives with, Birdie Gaux. The first detective story focuses on a stolen stuffed marlin.
ARF features a house break-in that may be connected to the death of Birdie’s father.
In the latest book titled BOW WOW, Bowser and Birdie are immersed in a mystery surrounding to a shark and a missing fisherman. 
Librarians will find this sweet dog mystery series to be well received by children who enjoy detective stories and dog adventures. Children will enjoy the effective balance of suspense and humor. Recommend the series to children looking for a different approach to mystery stories.
Published by Scholastic. ARC courtesy of the publisher.