Thursday, September 03, 2015

Book Review: The Small World of Paper Toys

THE SMALL WORLD OF PAPER TOYS by GĂ©rard Lo Monaco is a wonderful work of paper engineering.
The ten meticulously produced scenes take readers through a toy room adventure. Each page features the title of the toy, an active exclamation, and a short scenario. Young readers will enjoy seeing each of the paper toys reappear at the end of the book.
Although the story is designed for young children, the book is likely to appeal to older youth who enjoy well-constructed pop-up books. The precision required to produce a high-quality movable book is immense making this book more durable than most.
Librarians will find this charming movable book to be a wonderful addition to their pop-up collections. Like other fragile works, it’s likely that pieces may need to be repaired over time, particularly the see-saw page. However, it’s well worth the hassle given the value of the experience for young readers. For older youth, consider creating a display that incorporates this book along with works that demonstrate paper engineering techniques to encourage students to create their own books.
Published by Little Gestalten on October 25, 2015.