Monday, March 14, 2016

Book Review: Samurai Rising

SAMURAI RISING by Pamela Turner tells the legendary story of Minamoto Yoshitsune.
Set in twelfth century Japan, young Yoshitsune is just a baby when his father is killed and his mother captured by a rival family. While living in a monastery, Yoshitsune learns warrior arts, becomes a samurai, and defeats his enemies.
Blending historical facts with classic literature, the author successfully creates a biography that’s both engaging for readers and based on actual people, places, and events. The fascinating illustrations draw readers into the story.
Short, chronological chapters focus on key events in the life of Yoshitsune. The list of characters and places, author’s notes, timelines, glossary, chapter notes, bibliography, and index make this book can excellent nonfiction information source for youth. The many maps also add to the usability.
Librarians know how difficult it can be to interest some youth in biographies. This action-packed biography is perfect for fans of the samurai and Japanese history. Because this work of nonfiction narrative reads like a novel, youth who enjoy a story approach will be drawn to this biography.
This well-researched biography will be popular among youth who enjoy the violence and valor found in twelfth century Japan.
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Published by Charlesbridge on February 2, 2016. ARC courtesy of the publisher.