Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tech Review: ASAP Science

The ASAP SCIENCE YouTube channel brings STEAM alive for young adults.
From their Science Wars Acapella Parody to lessons on music science, both students and teachers alike will grow to love this group of science geeks. Their goal is to make science fun and accessible through the use of music and fascinating science facts.
Although best known for their YouTube channel, the group has also published a book titled ASAP SCIENCE. Addressing timely questions about binge-watching TV, power naps, and brain freeze, their examples are aimed directly at the young adult audience.
Librarians will find their videos to be great resources to encourage STEAM projects that emphasize music.
Keep in mind that the group often weave in “adult” and “potty” humor into their works to attract the interest of young adults. However, high school students will find this approach hilarious. Before using a particular video with a class, be sure to watch it first.
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