Monday, February 08, 2016

Tech Review: YouTube Kids

YOUTUBE KIDS is an app that offers adults the chance to set up a safe environment for youth to experience YouTube video content.
The app is designed to make age-appropriate recommendations for youth based on viewing and searching history. Initially, the system can be set for “preschool”, “school age”, or “all kids” levels. The search bar can be shown or hidden.
Users are presented with access to content in four categories: Shows, Music, Learning, or Explore. From music by The Piano Guys to science videos from National Geographic Kids, users are presented with endless video options for children. Clicking a channel provides users with access to short video content. The basic keyword search displays content of interest to children. For instance, a search for frogs displays animated stories, science programs, and other interesting videos.
Librarians will find this to be a useful tool for in-school tablets. It would also be a good suggestion for parents of young children.
To download the app through Google Play or the App Store, go to