Friday, May 27, 2016

Website Review: Mo Willems

The MO WILLEMS website celebrates the books of popular children’s author Mo Willems.
The author’s website is divided into sections that explore the author’s book characters, books, and writing activities.
Visit the Go Mo! to explore a website specifically designed for children that contains book information, fun games, an art gallery, videos, and an adult page. Featuring Willems’ beloved characters, the audio-enhanced games are age-appropriate and engaging for young children.
Visit the Pigeon Presents! website to enjoy information and activities focusing on Willems’ popular pigeon characters. Users can play games, read about books, learn about book characters, and explore teaching materials. This website also links to the new Elephant and Piggie Thank-o-Rama website that provides an introductory video, thank-you spinner, drawing video, and worksheets for printing.
Visit Mo’s Blog for up-to-date information about the author’s recent activities and upcoming books.
Visit Mo’s FAQs! for fascinating insights into the author and his works. These FAQs provide a wealth of ideas for teaching with Willems’ books.
Visit Get Mo’ Stuff! for links to cool books, videos, toys, posters, and other materials that would be useful in creating an author display in the library.
Visit The Pigeon “Tweets” to follow the author’s tweets. Youth will enjoy following the many adventures of this fascinating author.
Librarians will find this website to be an outstanding resource for introducing primary grade children to the idea of author websites. The easy-to-use format and abundant videos and activities will help youth connect the author to his works. It’s also a nice way to provide relevant examples of social media including Twitter and blogs to children.
To visit the website, go to